About Fireworks Lady Wholesale

Fireworks Lady and Co. stems from a place of necessity by the Fireworks Lady herself. The proprietor of our establishment, Patricia was a single mother of two young children over fifteen years ago, at the time she experienced her first endeavor as a Seasonal Fireworks Tent Operator. The benefits gained from this experience was multifaceted, and helped pay the bills as was the main goal to take on this gig. So from that point, it became a family fundraiser event which turned into what is known now as the FIREWORKS LADY & CO., LLC – a family owned and operated business… serving you and your family! Though the initial experiences were family fundraising events for Patricia, her family always shared many of their family values which are still promoted through-out the Company to this day, and this is why Patricia believes she is still in business for all these years and what sets her Company a part from the rest. Although, we have grown in so many ways, we have not forgotten where we have started from, and who we serve and love to serve… Patricia has worked on corporate educational banking events for investors, international marketing for family entertainment events for the Royal Lipizzaner Stallions, operations management for major national conventions in the technology industry and much more. Patricia has been in the event industry most of her Career, in different venues, bolstering her experience to where she is today! Patricia also takes pride in being a Retired Federal Officer for the Department of Homeland Security and feels Blessed to have been able to serve this Country as such.


How we got our name and came to be Fireworks Lady & Co., LLC – Patricia was always referred to as the Fireworks Lady, so when she finally had to form a dba for the Bank Account – that was the name that came to mind – Fireworks Lady & Co. and then it became a Limited Liability years later… how simple was that!


Fireworks Lady and Co. operate Seasonal Firework Sales Tent locations through out Miami-Dade and Broward Counties, never forgetting where we came from and providing fundraising opportunities to other families, making them a part of ours! Fireworks Lady & Co. believes that offering these opportunities to others is passing on “true blessings” to individuals, families, as well as non-profit and religious organizations. The Company takes pride in their History, and in the Brands in which we carry and the Quality of the Brands we carry. We make it “our mission” to carry the best quality, safest products for the most economical price possible. We offer “Buy 1 Get 1 Free” specials that are always applicable, with no hassles, and no gimmicks, and with mix-and-matching, so you get the most for your purchase! After all, what is truly important to our Company is what we’re founded on – the smiling faces, excitement of expressions from customers, this is something that Patricia has never forgotten, although she does not work a Seasonal Sales Tent anymore… we continue to look for opportunities to Fundraise… You can tell a Fireworks Lady and Co. location by the aesthetically appealing, safe, and attractive nature, as well as our product knowledge and commitment to quality customer service. And if you ever have any recommendations or need to reach Patricia directly, she is always available to accept a phone call from you!


The Fireworks Lady & Co., LLC provides quality name brand Fireworks directly from China. Utilizing only the best, safe, quality brands of fireworks that are certain to amaze your audience no matter the event! Our Staff has been with us for years providing outstanding performance and professionalism in every interaction. We strive each and everyday to provide our clients the best shopping experience with the friendliest service anywhere in America. Since we are direct importers, this allows us to provide wholesale pricing on full case quantities to qualifying companies, groups and individuals (some restrictions may apply). Our wholesale service is available by appointment. Contact our Wholesale Division rep today to learn more!

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