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Firework Safety Tips Ahead of New Year’s Eve

Fireworks displays are synonymous with American celebrations such as the Fourth of July and New Year’s Eve. While you can enjoy fireworks at home to instill a little red, white, and BOOM, you must do so responsibly. 

Although we can all appreciate the effects of impressive firework assortments and 500 gram cakes, child-friendly sparklers and bang snap Pop Its are far more apropos in many cases. However, even sparklers can burn at over 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit, as hot as the typical industrial blowtorch. 

Due to the Coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic, more people will celebrate New Year’s Eve at home than during any other time in recent memory. While many consider fireworks as harmless fun, they can still be quite dangerous – especially for children and teens.

For this reason, our team from the Fireworks Lady & Co. want to share some of our firework safety tips to help get readers through their at-home displays responsibly!

  • Keep Water Nearby

No matter if you plan on lighting some sparklers with the family or shoot off some larger, more expensive aerial 500 gram cakes, you should always keep a plentiful amount of water nearby.

Every year, Americans all over the country forget to extinguish firework flames, leading to products igniting grass and other debris. It’s always a good idea to pour water over used fireworks or douse them in a bucket of water to ensure they stay cool before picking them up or they result in damage.

  • Light Fireworks Outdoors

With stay-at-home orders in full effect for many areas of the United States, it is worth mentioning that patrons should only light fireworks outdoors. This may seem like common sense but never attempt to light fireworks products indoors or near dry areas of grass or trees for that matter as well.

Even child-friendly sparklers burn extremely hot, so it is imperative to avoid using fireworks in areas where disaster may occur.

  • Light One Product at a Time, and Only Light Them Once

When fireworks fail to start after lighting the fuse, don’t attempt to relight them. Some fireworks may be “duds” and won’t fire due to an issue. In these cases, don’t relight them because this could result in an explosion. Always wait 20 minutes after an initial lighting attempt before pouring water over the “dud.” 

An additional good rule of thumb is to shoot off one product at a time. This means avoiding the urge to shoot multiple fireworks off simultaneously. When it comes to firework products, the best practice is to shoot one, then another, and another.

  • Adults Only. Stay Responsible and Take Caution with Sparklers

When we think about dangerous fireworks, sparklers probably don’t come to mind. However, sparklers are often considered one of the most hazardous fireworks products on the market. This assertion is based on their high heat and application method.

Sparklers can easily cause third-degree burns when not utilized properly. Even when using sparklers, only responsible, sober adults should light off fireworks. Don’t allow children to light fireworks from sparklers to firework assortment packs regardless of whether or not a child is under adult supervision. Pop Its require no lighting and is a great alternative to more dangerous firework selections.

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Always put your safety and the safety of others first when it comes to using fireworks products. In our world today, this extends to shopping for and attaining fireworks. The country and the world at large must take more caution than ever to socially distance and protect ourselves and others from COVID-19 during these unorthodox times.

Buying fireworks online is easy. The Fireworks Lady & Co. commits to helping clients obtain wholesale fireworks selections with a convenient online store, as well as the ability to attain discount fireworks online. Celebrate responsibly with our products and shop online with our team today!

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