Three Colorful Fireworks to Light Up Your Holidays

The holiday season is finally here! What better way to get into the spirit than with a fireworks show to light up your family get-together? Make your next party even more fun, and take a look at some of our favorite colorful fireworks for sale that are great for any special occasion.

Make it Rain(bow)

The Big Bang Rainbow 30’s XXMX2200 is part of our Buy One Get One Free offer for our 500 Gram fireworks. One of our best 500-gram cakes, this firework has 30 shots and blasts arcs of big bursts with the colors of the rainbow. 

Because the colors are so versatile, they can fit any holiday—not just Christmas or the Fourth of July. Colorful fireworks, like our rainbow one, are great for any holiday, party, or family gathering. The kids will love this long-lasting, colorful fireworks show.

This colorful firework cake is sure to amaze your guests at your next gathering!

Amp it Up

Our Amped Up XXAT5481 is a four-cake assortment with 14 shots each. At 500 grams per cake, this is a great all-in-one product to get a long-lasting fireworks show at your next event. This assortment contains some of our best 500-gram cakes: Like A Boss, Like A Champ, Like A Hero, and Like A Star. 

These give off multiple colors, shapes, and effects. Purchasing fireworks without knowing what they look like or how big they are can understandingly cause concern or make you hesitate before buying. 

This is why we always include product dimensions and a video showcasing our discount fireworks online whenever possible. Make sure to take a look at the Amped Up XXAT5481 video to see each of the firework cakes!

Go All In

Our ALL IN 51’s XXMX5483 is another BOGO firework product that can give you the most bang for your buck. Perfect for ringing in the new year, this dramatic fireworks show has a larger variety of shapes and sounds than the previous colorful fireworks cakes we’ve talked about.

Containing 51 shots, color strobes, flying bees, gold tiger tails, falling leaves, and a huge finale of brocade crowns, this marvelous 1-minute long show is one of our best 500-gram cakes. If you have the space for it, go big for your next party and try out this fireworks show!

Fireworks for Sale | The Fireworks Lady & Co.

The Fireworks Lady & Co. provides quality name-brand fireworks directly from China, which is how we can continue being one of the best providers for those who want to purchase discount fireworks online

We utilize only the best, most safe, and highest quality brands of fireworks that are certain to amaze your audience no matter the event! Our staff has been with us for years providing outstanding performance and professionalism in every interaction. 

We strive each and every day to provide our clients with the best shopping experience and the friendliest service anywhere in South Florida. Since we are direct importers, we can provide wholesale pricing on full case quantities to qualifying companies, groups, and individuals. 

Our wholesale service is available by appointment. Contact our Wholesale Division rep today to learn more and fill out a Wholesale Registration Form! Make sure to check out our online shop to see out other fireworks for sale. Fireworks can make any occasion unique and special for all ages, so give your next event some sparkle and joy! Visit one of our seasonal tent locations across Miami and South Florida today.

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