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When you picture fireworks, the typical sparklers and large display types probably come to mind immediately. If you are an individual who rarely or has never partaken in setting off fireworks yourself, you may be under the impression that those are the only ones out there. In reality, there is a massive market for fireworks products that all vary by brand and size. For some of the Best Fireworks in South Florida, look no further than Fireworks Lady & Co.!

Our expert team at Fireworks Lady & Co. is composed of some of the biggest fireworks enthusiasts you will ever encounter. Unlike other companies who simply search for employees that can make a sale and smile at customers, we go out of our way to find individuals who are truly invested in our products and have sufficient knowledge in how they function. This is important to us because the more skilled our team is, the better equipped they will be to help you find the fireworks products you are searching for.

There are many different Types of Fireworks out there. However, some of the fireworks products you come across may not be legal for use in your state. It is important to do your research before purchasing from a third party seller as they may land you with a nasty fine. When you shop with us, you can be confident in knowing that we do not distribute any firework products that would be punishable by law in your area.

Buy Bottle Rockets Online with The Fireworks Lady

One of our favorite categories of fireworks is bottle rockets. If you are unfamiliar with the term, bottle rockets are small skyrockets that consist of a “rocket” engine compartment that is attached to a stabilizing stick. This category gained its nickname from the tendency of users to place the rockets in bottles to make the process of igniting the engine safer and with greater ease.

Back when bottle rockets were first invented, they were nothing more than a black powder skyrocket with a short engine of about two inches long. Nowadays, bottle rockets are very common and can deliver marvelous results for an incredibly low price. At Fireworks Lady & Co., we carry Space Jam Rockets and Zero To Hero. These two options run for around $20 and come in a packet that includes several products.

The Space Jam Rocket is a more traditional bottle rocket, shaped to resemble its name. They are easily fired off and pack a considerable punch. They are sure to be a huge hit at your next special event as they swim into the sky and explode in a burst of color. If you would like to see a video of the Space Jam Rocket in action, click here!

Our Zero To Hero line takes a unique spin on the bottle rocket design. Rather than being shaped like a rocket, it features a cylindrical barrel with a bright purple bulb at the end. It may seem strange at first to bottle rocket purists, but this small cracker is made to impress. As they are lit up and shot into the sky, a color changing ring crackles to life and dazzles the eye. They are just as easy to use as other bottle rockets but pack a little extra punch.

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For stunning, brand name fireworks at incredible prices, call Fireworks Lady & Co. today at (754) 422-2861 or click here to contact us online and shop for the Best Fireworks!

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