You Should Know These 5 Safety Tips Before Buying Wholesale Fireworks

Fireworks can be an awe-inspiring experience that takes your breath away. Whether you’re watching a professional fireworks show at a theme park or watching your neighbor’s small exhibit, safety comes first. Although beautiful and exciting to look at, fireworks can be hazardous if not done correctly or done safely. For this reason, it’s essential to…

Chinese Lanterns in Miami

Sky Lanterns: Decorating the Sky One Paper at a Time!

Chinese Lanterns in Miami For thousands of years, sky lanterns have been used to provide entertainment and beauty to all kinds of celebrations. Similar looking to a hot air balloon, they are a great way to involve guests and make memories for your next party or event. At The Fireworks Lady & Co., our Chinese…

Wedding Sky Lanterns

These Trendy Wedding Sky Lanterns Will Surely Dazzle Your Guests on Your Special Day!

Wedding Sky Lanterns Your wedding is one of the most important days of your life. Family and friends from all over come together to celebrate that you have found your other half. If you are looking for a way to add entertainment to your ceremony, Wedding Sky Lanterns from Fireworks Lady & Co. is the perfect…

Smoke Confetti

Unleash Your Inner Street Picasso with Our Amazing Smoke Confetti for Artists

Smoke Confetti Are you a fan of recreational fireworks and explosive party favors? This world has expanded far beyond what anyone thought was possible just a decade ago. The Fireworks Lady & Co. is a testament to that incredible change, as we now offer an extensive line of sparklers, air blasters, shell packs, confetti sticks,…

memorial day 2018 memorial sky lanterns

Celebrate this Memorial Day the Right Way with the Fireworks Lady

Celebrate Memorial Day 2018 Like the Hawaiians An annual Memorial Day event in Hawaii has swiftly become one of the largest memorial observances in the United States. Over 40,000 people gather in Honolulu to send off over 6,000 memorial sky lanterns, each one containing a personalized, handwritten note, prayer, or photo, specially dedicated to a…

New Years Eve Fireworks in Miami

Check Out Our Selection of Black Cat Fireworks Today!

Why Black Cat Assortments? Simply put, Black Cat represents the best brand of fireworks for sale today! Black Cat is the oldest and most recognizable fireworks brand in the United States. Since the early days of 1952, Black Cat remains the gold standard of consumer fireworks for sale. Preeminent Fireworks Quality Every Black Cat product…