Aerial Fireworks Miami

How Aerial Fireworks Work

Aerial Fireworks Miami Fireworks Tent Miami The Best Fireworks in Miami  An aerial firework is normally formed as a shell that consists of four parts: Container – Usually pasted paper and string formed into a cylinder Stars – Spheres, cubes or cylinders of a sparkler-like composition Bursting charge – Firecracker-like charge at the center of the shell Fuse – Provides a time delay…

New Years Eve Fireworks in Miami

Black Cat Fireworks & Fireworks Express Provide 2011 Locations Nationwide For Upcoming Selling Season

New Years Eve Fireworks in Miami Black Cat Fireworks Miami  Brand Fireworks Black Cat Fireworks, the #1 most recognized brand for fireworks in the United States, announced that their Fireworks Express website provides a list of State Firework Selling Seasons. The Best You Can Get Kansas City, KS (PRWEB) June 20, 2011 Black Cat Fireworks,…

Fireworks Safety

Be Fireworks Smart Before, During and After Your Consumer Fireworks Display

Fireworks Safety New Years Eve Fireworks in Miami Consumer fireworks are a wonderful way to celebrate holidays. But they must be used carefully. With the opening of Maine to the sale of consumer fireworks, the National Council on Fireworks Safety urges consumers to be fireworks smart, before, during and after their consumer fireworks display. Before: Choose…

Fireworks in Fort Lauderdale

Chemistry of Firework Colors

Chemistry of Firework Colors   Fireworks in Fort Lauderdale Chemistry of Firework Colors Creating firework colors is a complex endeavor, requiring considerable art and application of physical science. Excluding propellants or special effects, the points of light ejected from fireworks, termed ‘stars’, generally require an oxygen-producer, fuel, binder (to keep everything where it needs to be),…

Fireworks Sales in Fort Lauderdale

Showtime Everytime™ Promise

Fireworks Sales in Fort Lauderdale Legal Fireworks Miami  Miami Fireworks Tent  Showtime Everytime™ Promise Our products are designed for awesomeness. Custom color blends. Triple safety testing that exceeds government guidelines. And our no-dud guarantee. So if for some reason a Showtime firework doesn’t live up to your expectations, we’ll applaud your impossibly high standards with…