Fireworks Safety During New Year’s

Fireworks Safety Tips During this New Year season many consumers purchase fireworks for their New Year’s Celebration. Fireworks safety  is very important when dealing with Fireworks. Before retail, third party safety management goes through and tests the fireworks before shipping to the United States. The National Council on Fireworks Safety gives some Fireworks Safety Tips on…

Fireworks in Miami

Best Fireworks in Miami

Quality Fireworks Miami Fireworks in Miami Quality Fireworks There are many types of fireworks to buy on the consumer market. Knowing where to go and who to trust for great quality fireworks can be tricky. Some obvious tips can be helpful when purchasing fireworks like; checking for damage, it’s always wise to examine fireworks prior…

Aerial Fireworks Miami

How Aerial Fireworks Work

Aerial Fireworks Miami Fireworks Tent Miami The Best Fireworks in Miami  An aerial firework is normally formed as a shell that consists of four parts: Container – Usually pasted paper and string formed into a cylinder Stars – Spheres, cubes or cylinders of a sparkler-like composition Bursting charge – Firecracker-like charge at the center of the shell Fuse – Provides a time delay…