Three Ways to Light Up Your Fourth of July At Home

Don’t Fight the Crowds, Buy Fireworks to Use at Home!

Independence Day is a time for food, fun, and of course, legal fireworks. The Fourth of July 2020 is rapidly approaching. In light of the coronavirus COVID-19 and the current climate in the United States, many people are wondering how they can still buy fireworks and celebrate American independence.

For this reason, our team from the Fireworks Lady & Co. wants to share some of our favorite products that you can seek for a memorable event at home. Check out some of our top spotlight selections and keep them in mind when you head out to buy fireworks for your home display!

21st Century 43’s

When you want to go as big as you can without getting into trouble, 500-gram fireworks packages represent the perfect pyrotechnic product for you.

 According to federal law, 500-gram selections serve as the largest legal fireworks available for consumer purchase.

21st Century 43’s  is the perfect way to show of your Independence Day swagger with 43 beautiful shots of brocade crown, white flitter, color peony with white glitter, time rain mine, crackling flower, and silver flying fish.

Air Force Fleet

No Independence Day celebration is complete without some screaming aerial rockets.

 You can ring in the Fourth of July celebration with a stunning display with Air Force Fleet, whistling rockets with an air force theme! This is a great way to show your true red, white, and blue, and demonstrate your appreciation for the Air Force!

Air Force Fleet comes in a pack of six assorted flying novelties. This includes two B-3 Spy Planes, two U-2 Bomber Planes, and two Planes that drop an actual functional parachute! When you head out to purchase your legal fireworks this Fourth of July, consider Air Force Fleet as a part of your holiday package!

America 33s

When you want a big bang, America 33s is the 500-gram repeater you’re looking for. Although not technically a “show in a box” collection, this repeater offers a wide variety of aerial effects all in one single package.

What is more apropos for the Fourth of July than a 500-gram repeater with “America” right there in the product title? However, America 33s offer far more than a fitting product name. 

This aerial repeater fires off into the night sky with shimmering reds and blues and greens, silvers, and whites for a gorgeous finale to any Independence Day celebration!

Consider America 33s from the Fireworks Lady & Co. as a compatriot to your at-home display when you buy fireworks this Fourth of July!

Information on the Best Legal Fireworks. Buy Fireworks from the Fireworks Lady & Co this Independence Day!

If your family, friends, and neighbors want to enjoy Independence Day fireworks this year despite the COVID-19 pandemic and other limitations closing down large groups and gatherings, hosting your own fireworks display is the perfect alternative.

Stay safe and host your event for a memorable time for all with the Fireworks Lady & Co. We provide many selections and options to help you make the right choice for your needs and venue. 

To learn more about how you can buy legal fireworks from our team, contact our dedicated pyrotechnics specialists today!

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