Buying Fireworks for the Holidays? Five Types to Add Sparkle to Your Celebration

Christmas? New Year’s? Make Your Holiday Season Memorable with the Best Priced Fireworks in South Florida

You can kick your holiday season up a notch by introducing a magnificent, magical fireworks display to your night. This doesn’t need to take place on Christmas Day or New Year’s Eve itself to cultivate a genuinely memorable event this holiday season!

For some, there is nothing better than launching off a few fireworks after a hearty meal during the holiday season. Fireworks may additionally brighten up a Christmas party before the family festivities begin. Even when fighting the traffic and other commotion that accompanies the holidays, you can also get fireworks online for your last-minute needs.

All of these products remain available online. This means you can get fireworks delivered right to your door this holiday reason. Pair this with our offer of the best-priced fireworks in South Florida, and you can rely on the Fireworks Lady & Co. to help you cultivate a truly memorable holiday celebration.

Read on to learn more about our favorite fireworks to add some sparkle to your celebration as fall turns to winter.

King’s Sword

Kings Sword is a relatively modest way to start your holiday celebration with a handheld fountain. Resembling the blade and hilt of a sword, this firework product may not seem very much like Christmas. However, with silver sparks turning to red, green, yellow, white, and chrysanthemum, this firework product is the ideal solution for some sparkly magic around Christmas and New Year’s.

Super Nova 6’s

Super Nova 6’s can add some great shimmer to any holiday celebration. This is the perfect aerial firework for any Florida fireworks patron. Get your fireworks delivered, and in no time, you can appreciate the red and blue dahlias and blue and purple palm trees, as well as white strobe pistils adorning the night sky.

Brothers Container Load

No fireworks display is complete with some rockets and artillery shells. This package provides some of the industry’s best 500g cakes, a premium assortment of artillery shells, as well as everything you need with aerial tubes and custom fuses in a giant assortment.

Glow in the Dark 30’s

Glow in the Dark 30’s provide a touch of the holidays across a starry lit sky. You can use this product for a beautiful mix of red stars with green strobes, gold strobes with blue stars, gold, and red dahlias, and crackling chrysanthemums. Cultivate the perfect holiday aesthetic for your fireworks display, get your fireworks online with the Fireworks Lady & Co.

Super Sonic 25’s

Traditional rockets represent the perfect addition to any fireworks display. The Super Sonic 25’s product is no exception as an excellent choice. This firework may come with a classic look, but it can provide effects that will ensure they grab every onlooker’s attention.

A 25 shot package, Super Sonic 25’s shoots off-color tails into massive bursts of colors and strobes that alternate with whistle tails. This firework’s aesthetic ends with an enormous crown finale for something that your guests will definitively remember.


Information on our Favorite Holiday Fireworks Products from the Fireworks Lady & Co.

Get Fireworks OnlineIf you want something loud and explosive to celebrate this Christmas and New Year’s, you can’t go wrong with any entry on this list from the Fireworks Lady & Co. We take pride in offering the best-priced fireworks in South Florida.

For every entry, you can also get fireworks online and delivered through our easy online store. To learn more about buying fireworks from our team this holiday season, contact our pyrotechnic experts today!


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