Celebrate this Memorial Day the Right Way with the Fireworks Lady

Celebrate Memorial Day 2018 Like the Hawaiians

An annual Memorial Day event in Hawaii has swiftly become one of the largest memorial observances in the United States. Over 40,000 people gather in Honolulu to send off over 6,000 memorial sky lanterns, each one containing a personalized, handwritten note, prayer, or photo, specially dedicated to a loved one lost.

Memorial sky lanterns honor those we love that passed on, in addition to individuals that passed away while serving in the military. Although this ceremony is hottest by the Shinnyo-en Buddhist Order of Hawaii, it doesn’t matter what religion you believe in. You can release your own memorial sky lanterns on Memorial Day 2018, demonstrating your appreciation and gratitude for the lives lived and lost.

In Hawaii, once the ceremony is over, numerous volunteers on surfboards paddle out to collect the lanterns. They then return the prayers and notes to the Shinnyo-en Temple where the spiritual pray over them. They then clean and store the lanterns for next year’s Memorial Day ceremony.

In Shinnyo-en memorial sky lanterns’ lights symbolize wisdom, and the water is a symbol of compassion. As individuals burn candles inside these lanterns during the ceremony, this is sharing light with others, brilliantly illuminating the world.

If you want to celebrate Memorial Day 2018 like the Hawaiians, you may wonder where to buy sky lanterns. The good news is, your friends from Fireworks Lady and Co. can help you acquire the Memorial Day 2018 fireworks products you need, regardless if you celebrate traditionally, or something more like Lantern Floating Hawaii.

Memorial Day 2018 with the Fireworks Lady and Co.

Many people associate sky lanterns with Chinese culture. However, sky lanterns represent an Asian tradition that is becoming more popular throughout the world. Everywhere from the United Kingdom to Europe as well as the United States utilize sky and floating lanterns for all sorts of events, ceremonies, and celebrations.

Celebrate this Memorial Day 2018 in a unique and marvelous way with a beautiful display of memorial sky lanterns. Many customers ask us where to buy sky lanterns, and we respond by telling them that in fact, we provide sky lanterns all year round.

Nevertheless, you can celebrate the lives of those lost with a beautiful, and elegant sky lantern display this Memorial Day 2018. Although your remembrance ceremony may not take place on the beautiful Ala Moana shoreline, you can still create an impressive ceremony for your friends and loved ones.

Where to Buy Sky Lanterns For Memorial Day in South Florida

Fireworks Lady and Co. takes pride in helping the South Florida community make their celebrations as memorable as possible. Regardless if individuals seek fireworks for a wedding or Independence Day Celebration or memorial sky lanterns for Memorial Day 2018, we can provide you with the products you need.

Our team has provided the South Florida area with high-quality and safe products for over a decade. We commit to offering clients not only a great product but additionally the best possible shopping experience. Our team provides the friendliest service anywhere in the country.

The Fireworks Lady and Co. sky lantern selection is no exception. We craft these products from the best possible, fire-retardant, safe components. Don’t enlist a cheap imitation and end up watching your memorial ceremony go up in flames! When you wonder where to buy sky lanterns, the answer should always remain Fireworks Lady and Co.

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