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Why Black Cat Assortments?

Simply put, Black Cat represents the best brand of fireworks for sale today! Black Cat is the oldest and most recognizable fireworks brand in the United States. Since the early days of 1952, Black Cat remains the gold standard of consumer fireworks for sale.

Preeminent Fireworks Quality

Every Black Cat product goes through extensive product quality testing. This ensures that each product safely provides the most impressive boom and vivid design possible. Our professional team from Fireworks Lady & Co. want to provide some information on how the brand provides preeminent fireworks quality.


Black Cat offers tighter wrapping and thicker tubes than the standard firecracker offering. As a result, their firecrackers produce bigger bangs with an extraordinarily low failure rate. Generic firework brands on the market average a 20 – 50% failure rate.


Black Cat produces the cleanest fountains of any fountain fireworks for sale on the market today. This means that they do not fill their fountain tubes with unnecessary fillers like low-grade charcoal. Many generic brands will pack their fountains with filler materials to make the effects appear fuller. However, these cheap materials only burn out quicker, and dirty the final product’s aesthetic.


Rocket fireworks demonstrate the loudest, as well as consistently in-flight fireworks available on the market. Black Cat tests their rocket sticks for rigidity as well as safety. This helps them ensure that their rocket product line is effective, in addition to safe for the entire family.


No company runs its Aerial fireworks through the same compliance standards as Black Cat. They test their Aerial products through a 40 point checklist while continuing the commitment to superior quality material and chemicals. As a result, Black Cat Aerial fireworks for sale demonstrate the best color, effects, and performance while remaining the safest in the business.


Many generic fireworks brands will package their smoke effects in paper or clay casings. This leads to short durations as the casings burn off quicker. Black Cat employs a sawdust wrap casing while installing more coloration per package. Smoke effects from Black Cat display bright and vibrant colors, lasting up to a 20-second duration.

Black Cat Fireworks for Sale from The Fireworks Lady and Co.

Black Cat Fireworks is a brand that virtually any consumer knows. Those more familiar with fireworks know they can trust, often asking for Black Cat products by name.

For this reason, Fireworks Lady & Co. offers a full line of Black Cat Fireworks for sale across all of our locations. We appreciate Black Cat for their commitment to safety and excellence, and our team is happy to provide their products at our stands and in our store.

By offering our customers these preeminent fireworks products, we cultivate long-lasting, loyal relationships with consumers. Black Cat enables us to access the most comprehensive fireworks selection in the industry.

Regardless if you need some rockets and mortars to add some BANG to your next get-together, or some quirky cakes and fountains to provide some fun for the entire family, Black Cat and Fireworks Lady & Co. can offer you comprehensive solutions for your needs.

If you want convenience, fun, and some amazing fireworks for sale, check out Fireworks Lady & Co. as the preeminent solution for all of your needs!

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