Fireworks 101: What You Should Know When Buying Fireworks

A First-Timer’s Guide to Fireworks in South Florida

If you are responsible for obtaining fireworks products for a celebration, backyard fireworks display, etc., you may feel confused about the overwhelming amount of options available on the market today.

This can be quite important, as no one wants to run afoul of their local laws, spend too much money on expensive products, or consequently not possess enough for an exciting, memorable time.

For this reason, our fireworks distributor in South Florida, the Fireworks Lady & Co., wants to share some information on some of our top things to know when buying fireworks in the South Florida community. As a fireworks dealer in Florida, safety is also at a paramount, and proper firework acquisition extends to use as well. Read on to learn more!

Buying Fireworks Safely

It is very important to understand the difference between legal consumer fireworks and dangerous explosives. Many look at fireworks as explosives themselves; however, the industry provides some various indicators regarding the overall safety and effects of fireworks products.

We all love the big BANG! created by aerial mortars. Nonetheless, a stark contrast remains between aerial mortars and things like M-80s, M-100s, and blockbusters. These represent illegal, federally-banned explosive devices.

Consumers should only seek out fireworks from a reputable fireworks distributor in South Florida. For example, the Fireworks Lady & Co. utilize only the best brands as a fireworks dealer in Florida like Winda, Red Lantern, or our newest provider, BoomWow.

These products suppliers are certified, subject to rigorous safety and efficacy testing. We additionally import their products directly from factories in China. Furthermore, these companies represent some of the most historic and well-renowned constructors from China, supplying dealers and companies all across the world.

Safe Fireworks Usage

Many states and local jurisdictions impose restrictions on some fireworks products. This ranges from prohibiting particular brands or products, as well as a full ban on all types of fireworks. Nevertheless, most areas will fall somewhere in the middle. For this reason, you should always check with your local municipality to ensure you operate fireworks legally.

When you prepare for your fireworks display, always operate products safely. Assign a designated area where you plan to launch fireworks, dampening the ground when dry conditions are present. Ensure you keep water and a fire extinguisher at-the-ready.

Furthermore, any firework users should stay sober. Younger children should never be allowed to handle a firework product or enter the designated launching area. Additionally, never point fireworks at another individual, animal, or object.

Information on Buying and Using Fireworks Safely from the Fireworks Lady & Co.

Fireworks Dealer in FloridaBackyard fireworks displays remain a staple of American celebration for Independence Day and New Year’s. However, people now utilize fireworks for a variety of different celebratory events, including weddings, graduations, etc. When used correctly, fireworks are an excellent way to cultivate a memorable event. 

However, improper and unsafe fireworks use, as well as products, can result in a time that is memorable for the wrong reasons.

Our fireworks distributor in South Florida commits to selling top-quality, name-brand products while also offering education and information on how to utilize them responsibly. To learn more about our fireworks dealer in Florida, in addition to safety questions or concerns, contact the Fireworks Lady & Co. today!

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