Need to Entertain Your Kids? Give Them Safe Sparklers to Play With!

Fireworks for Kids

New Years Sparklers

Celebrate with Your Children

New Year’s is right around the corner! How will you and your family be spending it this year? Holidays are to be celebrated the right way, and the right way is by shooting fireworks. New Years fireworks represent happiness, celebration, and new you! What about your kids? How will they be celebrating New Years? While fireworks may sound fun for the older people, we have to think about the children too. Some kids may be terrified of fireworks because of the startling sound of it.

Switch it up this year! Instead of keeping your children stuck in the house while everyone’s out shooting fireworks, introduce them to our safe sparklers. These are basically Fireworks for Kids, except much safer and more fun. Nobody ever wants to let the kids out of the having fun, which is why our safe sparklers is something they will truly love!

Fireworks in Miami

Our safe sparklers will entertain your kids and keep their mind away from the grown people fireworks. Anything that involves fire requires safety rules which means that you shouldn’t leave them alone regardless how safe these Fireworks for Kids are. Enjoy this New Year’s lighting up pretty sparklers to celebrate the start of a new year and new you! Our safe sparklers burn very slow which allows one to fully enjoy the bright shining light that it produces.

A sparkler will allow your children to have fun on New Years! Don’t leave your kids out of the party this year and hand them a safe sparkler from The Fireworks Lady. These sparklers contain a number of metals that create bright and rich colors that a firework lighting up in the sky would create. Try out the the Fireworks for Kids this year to introduce your children before a fireworks show.

Our Fireworks for Kids like our safe sparklers keep your children entertained at a holiday event party, or distracted if they are afraid of the startling noise of fireworks. Call today at (754) 422 – 2861 or click here to view our fireworks. Or click here to view our LOCATIONS.

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