This Holiday Season You’ll Be Thankful for These Three Firework Safety Tips

With the holiday season right around the corner, it’ll soon be time to buy yourself some fireworks in Florida to celebrate. However, fireworks can be a health hazard if not used properly.

Better Safe than Sorry: Firework Safety Tips

According to The National Council on Fireworks Safety, there were over 9,200 fireworks-related injuries in 2006. This can sound like a scary statistic, which is why it’s so important to practice firework safety

If people use a bit of common sense and follow some simple safety precautions, you can enjoy a fun and safe 4th of July and New Year’s Eve party with your fireworks in Florida. Here are some firework safety tips you should take into consideration when playing with fireworks this holiday.

Buy and Store Fireworks Correctly

One of the most important first steps when it comes to using fireworks safely is to buy them from a reliable dealer. The last thing you want is to set off your fireworks during a party or family event and have severe injuries on your hands just because you bought a bad batch of fireworks. 

Always do your research and ensure that the fireworks dealer you’re buying from is trustworthy and verified. Fireworks Lady & Co. has been serving the South Florida community for many years, so you can definitely count on us to provide you with all the fireworks you need in Florida when you visit our stands. 

After you buy your fireworks, it’s also crucial that you store them properly. Keep your fireworks in a cool, dry place until you’re ready to use them. One common mistake that people make is carrying fireworks in their pockets. 

This is obviously not safe and has caused many injuries in the past, as fireworks can go off while in your pocket. When you do decide to ignite your fireworks, keep them a good distance away from your home and don’t set them off on dry grass or near trees.

Don’t Play Scientist With Your Fireworks

Yes, fireworks may seem like a fun toy to play with, but they are ultimately a hazardous and flammable item that you don’t want to mess with. Don’t try to play scientist by re-lighting duds or shooting fireworks off in glass and metal containers. This can cause harm and injuries to the people around the fireworks, so just stick to following the directions on your instruction manual. 

While it may seem like common sense, do not mix fireworks and alcohol, and definitely do not try to modify fireworks to make your own special explosion. Always shoot fireworks outside, not inside, and always have water on hand in case of an emergency.

Teaching your children how to use fireworks safely is crucial this holiday season. Don’t forget these safety tips!

Make Sure the Kids Are Alright

This goes without saying, but there should always be adult supervision if kids are setting off any fireworks, big and small. Fireworks can be hazardous, so teach your kids how to respect them and use them properly to avoid injuries. 

But when exactly should kids be allowed to set off fireworks by themselves? While they should still be supervised, kids ages 5-6 can often safely use “pop-snaps”, the tiny exploding fireworks that snap when thrown on the ground. 

These fireworks are fun but are pretty safe, and your kids will get a kick out of the noise and ultra-tiny explosions without hurting themselves or anybody else. Start teaching your kids the importance of firework safety by telling them not to throw them at other people or use them inside the house. 

When your kids are ages 7-8, they’ll probably be ready to use fireworks that are actually required to ignite them with a flame, such as sparklers, snakes, and smoking fireworks. They don’t explode but are still fun to look at, so your kids will have a great time. However, make sure that your kids are safe while lighting the fuse and that they are aware of other people around them. 

To teach them, it’s best to light the fuse for them the first few times until you’re sure they have the hang of it. By the time your kids are nine or older, kids are usually good to go with most fireworks, but remember to watch them carefully and correct them when needed. 

We have an entire “Safe and Sane” selection of fireworks that’s perfect for parents! These fireworks are completely safe yet excite kids and adults alike at every gathering and party.

Fireworks Lady & Co. has an extensive variety of fireworks to choose from that you can get just in time for the holiday season. Just because holidays may look a little different this year, it doesn’t mean that you can’t celebrate in your backyard or front lawn. Check out our website for our fireworks stands in Florida.

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