Four Things to Consider When Buying Fireworks

If you’re new to buying fireworks, they can be quite confusing to navigate through. Make your life a little easier and consider these four things when looking for fireworks near me or discount fireworks online

How Much Space Do You Have?

First things first: Where will you be setting off your fireworks? Don’t underestimate just how massive fireworks explosions can be. If you purchase fireworks that are too big for your space, you could really be putting your guests, your car, or even your house in danger. Make sure to figure out how much space you have available before buying fireworks. 

Whether you decide to set them off in front of your house or in your backyard, determine these details beforehand so that you know which fireworks will be best fit for the occasion when you visit one of our Fireworks Lady & Co. firework stands. Even when buying discount fireworks online, be cautious and research how big the fireworks explosions are before purchasing.

Will Your Guests Be Comfortable?

Before you decide to pick up the biggest and loudest fireworks in Florida, consider whether your guests will be comfortable with the fireworks you choose. Elderly adults, small children, and even pets can be susceptible to distress and anxiety due to the loud noises, popping sounds, and bright lights that occur during fireworks shows. 

If you have any guests at your family gathering or holiday party that may experience this, consider choosing fireworks that are more quiet and less flashy, such as smoke balls, sparkers, and fountains.

Dogs can become anxious with loud, popping fireworks. We recommend opting for more quiet fireworks, like sparklers.

Which Holiday Are You Celebrating?

This is a more obvious tip, but consider which colors will go best with the theme of your event or the holiday you’re celebrating with your fireworks. When looking for a fireworks store near me, make sure to buy your fireworks ahead of time because they sell out very fast, especially when it gets close to the holidays at the end of the year. 

If you wait until the last minute, you might get stuck with having to buy pink and blue gender reveal smoke balls for your Christmas gathering rather than getting the fireworks that look the best.

Are You Following Safety Guidelines?

Last but definitely not least, make sure you’re following the proper safety guidelines when you buy your fireworks in Florida. One of the most important first steps when it comes to using fireworks safely is to buy them from a reliable dealer. 

The last thing you want is to set off your fireworks during a party or family event and have severe injuries on your hands just because you bought a bad batch of fireworks. Always do your research and ensure that the fireworks dealer you’re buying from is trustworthy and verified. Fireworks Lady & Co. has been serving the South Florida community for many years, so you can definitely count on us to provide you with all the fireworks you need in Florida when you visit our stands. 

After you buy your fireworks, it’s also crucial that you store them properly. Keep your fireworks in a cool, dry place until you’re ready to use them. One common mistake that people make is carrying fireworks in their pockets. 

This is obviously not safe and has caused many injuries in the past, as fireworks can go off while in your pocket. When you do decide to ignite your fireworks, keep them a good distance away from your home and don’t set them off on dry grass or near trees.

This goes without saying, but there should always be adult supervision if kids are setting off any fireworks, big and small. Fireworks can be hazardous, so teach your kids how to respect them and use them properly to avoid injuries. 

Make sure your celebrations this year are safe and sound, but don’t forget to have fun! Visit our shop for discount fireworks online and check out our locations online when you want to visit one of our fireworks stands or when you’re looking for a fireworks store near me.

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