What Are Some of Our Newest Products?


South Florida Fireworks

Our Fireworks Store in Miami has received new items for this Holiday season. We have a large assortment of innovative fireworks to light up your night.

Brand Fireworks in Miami

We are excited just as you to try this new fireworks. Take a look at our list of new items that have arrived at our Fireworks Store in Miami. And start visualizing, your family and loved ones gathered together, celebrating and watching beautiful fireworks in the sky.


Black Cat Fireworks: Sky Jet, Sharks Bite 15’s, Purple Passion HD 18’s, Night Raider, King Slayer HD 18’s, Hawk Attack 12’s, Geared Up, Gargoyle Nights 36’s, Firecracker Bomb, Firecracker Barrage, Dragon’s Breath 15’s, Bazooka Candle with Report, Bazooka Candle with Crackle, Ayy Tonnny!!! HD etc.


ShowTime Fireworks: A Shot in the Dark, After Midnight, Air Assault, All Jacked Up, Big Bad and Loud, Blue, Crupid’s Crush, Dreamweaver, Fire in The Sky, Forbidden Night, Light up the night, Night Reaper, One Big Boom, Outa Control, Red Light District, Sapphire, Shazaam, Shoot the Works, Sky Angel, etc.


Brothers Pyrotechnics Inc: Counter Strike, Getaway, Call to Arms, Gray Dragon, Time Files, Fairies In a Jar, Nuclear Physics, Pure Luck, MegaWatt, Out with a Bang, Rowdy Ride, Sound and Light Show, Way Out There, Brothers Original, Headliner, PiroNation, Hustle Bustle, Glory Days, Wind Up, Night Flight etc.


Winda Firework Products: Neon Fusion, Silent Power, Black Magic, Madame Butterfly, Bruhaha, Wings of Fire, Koi Pond, Thunder Mania, Wild Mama, Migraine Maker 32s, Rags to Riches 18s, Heavyweight, G-Force, Flying Space, Pyro Nation, Fortune Soldier, Noisy Boys, Say Cheese!, Fahrenheit, Venomous Snake, ect.

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