Black Cat: Extra! Extra! Get Free Gear Here!

Fourth of July Fireworks Sales

Best Fireworks in Miami

Rewards Program 4th of July 

We are running a new rewards program this coming 4th of July season. Buy Black Cat fireworks and get cool Black Cat gear for free! The following Black Cat fireworks products qualify for our “Buy the Best, Get FREE Stuff” program: Fountains, Reloadables, and Multi-Shot Aerials (Cakes). All you need to do is collect the UPC labels and mail them in.

  • 3 UPC labels: Rewards have included key chains, bottle openers, and playing cards
  • 5 UPC labels: A Black Cat hat
  • 10 UPC labels: This year’s Black Cat tee shirt

They offer different rewards products each year, so for a list and pictures of the individual rewards for this year, please check their website,

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