Top Firework Trends for Fourth of July Celebrations

Fourth of July Fireworks

Fourth of July Fireworks Trends for Independence Day in 2021

With public fireworks displays largely muted in 2020 due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, many flocked to online shops and suppliers to cultivate their own fireworks displays. Although things are beginning to return to normal somewhat in the new year, Fourth of July fireworks displays will likely continue to look very different in 2021.

Nevertheless, our team from the Fireworks Lady & Co. has some trends we’ve identified for at-home and larger consumer displays of fireworks in Florida.

Nishikis/Titanium Willows

Nishiki effects are those long-lasting willow effects that we know and love from fireworks displays that tend to hang in the air during a firework display long after the initial burst. Although this is nothing new in the world of firework products, they are appearing more and more in mixed-effect cakes and long-hanging finales for fireworks demonstrations.

Donuts/Halo Breaks

This effect known as a “donut” from Winda Fireworks or a “Halo Break” from Brothers Pyrotechnics imparts a very simple, yet impressive circular O-shape. Various pyrotechnic specialists will utilize these rings squarely facing the audience as a unique and impressive addition to any Fourth of July fireworks display.

Hybrid Cakes and High Shot Counts

While everyone can appreciate the sheer power and impressive aesthetics of the 500-gram cake products, the industry now trends towards multi-shot cakes with roman candle missile shots mixed in with traditional breaking effects.

Built-in roman candle shots enable consumers to enjoy a very high shot count while still producing the powerful aerial effects we’ve come to know and love all in a relatively small package!

Impressive Aesthetics, Less of the BANG

More and more consumers seem to be flocking to fireworks shows designed to please their eyes without the traditional sounds of explosions in the sky. In parts of Europe for example, many pyrotechnic experts now host “quiet” fireworks displays that continue to become more common.

Quieter bursts relying on rich, colorful effects and tight visual choreography and forgo larger explosions while still delivering a stunning show of Fourth of July fireworks. This largely appeals to patrons with toddlers and babies able to attend fireworks shows without risking their fear of the loud noises formerly associated with many fireworks products.

Our team at the Fireworks Lady & Co. thinks that with many public firework events canceled or transformed for 2021 due to COVID-19, several patrons will start to look more towards these “quiet” fireworks in Florida that remain fun for the entire family, safe for kids and pets alike.

Fourth of July Fireworks in Florida | The Fireworks Lady & Co. | Fireworks Stands in Miami

The fireworks industry starts prepping for the Fourth of July early in the season and these predictions have us giddy with anticipation for yet another wonderful, fireworks-filled summer season.

Our preparation for Fourth of July fireworks begins with scouting out the types of products we assume will be popular for the season and 2021 is no exception.

If you’re curious about what the hottest fireworks products are for Independence Day 2021 and beyond, you can rely on the Fireworks Lady & Co. to study the product collections out there and guide you with a purchase to set the holiday off right.

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