Gender Reveal Smoke Bombs

Move over, baby showers! Gender reveal parties are all the rage. Not only can it leave a feeling of suspense and mystery amongst your guests, but it will give you and your partner the chance to find out the gender of your baby at the same time as your friends and family. Here are some helpful tips when planning your trendy gender reveal party, complete with an exhilarating gender reveal grenade.

Dream Theme

What’s a party without a theme? Like it says in the name, your party should revolve around revealing your baby’s gender. Fortunately, this means you have less work when picking out the theme, but picking out what colors and decorations you want are still very important. Most people go with pink and blue when picking out their napkins, tablecloths, plates, cups, and eating utensils.

However, you can pick any colors you want! Pink and blue are traditional and simple but don’t be afraid to pick a palette that stands out. You don’t even have to make your theme about colors; try making a pun involving celebrities, animals, or an inside joke you have with your friends. Picking out a great theme will make your party that much better, and it will go along great with that gender reveal smoke bomb you pick out later.

Young future parents announcing baby's gender
Young future parents announcing baby’s gender


To get people to show up at your party, don’t forget to send out those invitations! Sending out invites used to be a lot harder, but with modern technology and innovative apps, designing your invites is cheap and easy. This is obvious, but be sure to design invitations that match with your theme. If you’re going with purple and yellow for your party decorations, put some fun purple and yellow accents on your invitations.

More importantly, pick a day that works the best with you and your guests’ schedules, and then invite them promptly. Weekends are almost always better for parties, so if you’re planning to go all out with dancing and music, try to plan it on a Friday or Saturday. If you’re going for something more laid-back and chill, Sunday afternoons are great. We recommend sending out your invitations about six weeks in advance to make sure all your guests can plan accordingly.

The Big Reveal

Now it’s time for the fun part. Once you get your ultrasound results, make sure to seal them in an envelope and give it to the person you’re entrusting to order your gender reveal grenade. Sure, you can use food or balloons to help you with the big reveal, but a smoke bomb will wow your guests even more and be gorgeous in pictures.

Similar to fireworks, smoke bombs work through a fuse that you light when you’re ready. However, fireworks are more explosive than smoke bombs, and they usually look way better at night. Smoke bombs are versatile because they can be used at whatever time of the day and still look amazing.

We have an entire selection of colorful smoke bombs that are perfect as gender reveal grenades. You can order them right from our website in the color and size that you want, and we even have special gender reveal fireworks that come in blue and pink.

coloroful pink smoke bombs in action
coloroful pink smoke bombs in action

Gender Reveal Grenade At The Fireworks Lady & Co,.

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