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What You Need for Your New Year’s Eve Fireworks 2020

This year began with a lot of promise. Unfortunately, with the coronavirus pandemic, public firework displays all over the country have been canceled largely due to safety concerns, social distancing, etc.

The good news is that due to changes in Florida law regarding firework use and purchase, fireworks are entirely legal for Independence Day 2020, as well as this year’s New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day celebrations!

New Year’s is just around the corner, and our team at the Fireworks Lady & Co. are more excited than ever to serve everyone throughout the South Florida Community with our fireworks in Florida, as well as the country at large with our online store.

If you need some inspiration for your New Year’s Eve fireworks celebration, we want to help. You could conduct a simple search for “fireworks stores near me” or rely on the Fireworks Lady and this list of some of our favorite popular products.

21st Century 43’s

21st Century 43’s is a perfect way to ring in the new year. As one of the best 500-gram cakes, this package provides vivid colors with a performance different from the majority of products that we carry.

43 shots, brocade crown, white glitter, and a finish with a crackling flower and silver flying fish will light your night sky and give family and friends a stunning multi-shot visual component to their New Year’s Eve celebration!

Big Bang Rainbow 30’s

Big Bang Rainbow 30’s is another favorite on the list of best New Year’s Eve consumer fireworks and best 500-gram cakes year-over-year. Everyone seems to love the fast pacing and 30 shot blast arcs and big bursts with all the colors of the rainbow! This is the perfect addition to any display of fireworks in Florida to ring in the new year!

Brocade Blaster 16’s

Brocade Blaster 16’s is one of the most highly recommended products. This package offers 16 stunning shots of blue tail brocade crown with white strobe, green strobe, blue pearl, and red pearl.

With 16 impressive shots of these incredible aerial effects, these New Year’s Eve fireworks in Florida fly hard and hit even harder.

 Cowboy Fight 3” 9’s

Cowboy Fight 3” 9’s focuses on some of our customers’ favorite effects. The product produces 9 amazing shots with unbelievable waves of red and green stars, perfect for a New Year’s Eve or New Year’s Day celebration in the South Florida area!

God Bless America 36’s – 5” Canister Shells

God Bless America is a supreme option to celebrate America on the Fourth of July. However, it’s phenomenal performance package of 5” canister shells each produces varied colors and effects, making it ideal for a South Florida New Year’s Eve celebration as well!

Fireworks in Florida | The Fireworks Lady & Co.

Our team is so excited about these entries on our list and you cannot go wrong with any selection! Make sure you check them out as you shop your list and let us know what you think by reaching out to the Fireworks Lady & Co.!

We proudly provide fireworks to the South Florida community, as well as throughout the country with our online and wholesale firework packages.

For more assistance selecting fireworks in Florida, you can visit one of our numerous locations and consult with one of our pyrotechnic experts directly.

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