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Brand:  PRYOSHINE (665878693893)

Unit Size:  5 ‘ in

Case Packing:  4/24


1.Titanium willow with white strobe
2.Titanium willow with green strobe
3.Titanium willow with red dahlia
4.Titanium willow with silver crackling chrys
5.Titanium willow with blue coconut
6.Titanium willow with red coconut (2 pellets)
7.Titanium willow with green coconut(2 pellets)
8.Titanium willow with purple dahlia(2 pellets)
9.Titanium willow green mine to peach dahlia with silver plum
10.Titanium willow with orange dahlia(2 pellets)
11.Titanium willow with crackling coconut(2 pellets)
12.Titanium willow to whites strobe with green dahlia and orange, dahlia
13.Titanium willow to white strobe with red dahlia and cyan dahlia
14.Green dahlia+ purple dahlia +yellow dahlia + white strobe
15.Blue dahlia +Yellow dahlia +orange dahlia  + red plum
16.Green dahlia+ yellow dahlia +orange dahlia + red plum
17.Red dahlia(2 pellets) with silver plum
18.Dark charcoal with orange star mine to charcoal palm+orange dahlia+green strobe
19.Orange dahlia(2 pellets)+green strobe
20.Orange dahlia+silver plum
21.Peach dahlia+ green strobe
22.Dark Charcoal with purple star mine to charcoal palm+purple dahlia (see video)
23.Dark charcoal with green star mine to charcoal palm+green dahlia+silver strobe
24.Dark charcoal with red star mine to charcoal palm+red dahlia+silver plum