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Safe and Sane Fireworks

Safety is just as important as fun when it comes to enjoying firework related activities. While they create an exciting environment that is sure to spice up any event or occasion, you may have heard horror stories from individuals who were careless when setting them off and ended up with serious injuries. In order to keep the good times controlled, Fireworks Lady & Co. offers some of the best Safe and Sane Fireworks in South Florida.

Unless you are highly involved in the use of fireworks, you may have never heard of the term Safe and Sane Fireworks. This is not a specific brand name, but a type of firework that does not leave the ground and is overall safer for widespread use. Common forms of Safe and Sane Fireworks include sparklers, fountains, snake-type, ground spinners, smoke balls, toy trick noisemakers, cracklers, and pinwheels.

Popular and Family-Friendly Fireworks in Miami

This classification of fireworks is immensely popular amongst families, especially those with young children. It is a no-brainer that fireworks add excitement to any event and make the day special, but it is important not to put anyone’s safety at risk. Parents are usually more comfortable using these fireworks around their loved ones due to the peace of mind they provide. Supervision is still required, of course, but it does significantly reduce the chances of an unfortunate accident from occurring.

Safe and Sane Fireworks are typically defined as fireworks that are neither projectile or explosive, but regulations can vary from state to state. In the state of Florida, most of the legal fireworks for consumer usage fall under this category of “safe and sane.” Therefore, it is a useful rule of thumb to use when looking into fireworks you may be interested in purchasing.

In order to satisfy consumers’ craving for thrilling fireworks without breaking any laws or putting anyone at risk, Safe and Sane Fireworks has gained a lot of popularity throughout the years. First coined in the 1960s, this branch of fireworks have come a long way. Nowadays, it is unlikely that you will even be able to tell the difference between a set of Safe and Sane Fireworks and the higher grade levels once they are set off.

Aside from bodily harm, fireworks are infamously known to cause major property damage as well. When an amateur is in control of professional grade fireworks, they are typically not well versed in the regulations surrounding their usage that reduce or eliminate the risk of property damage. Instead, many individuals will set off these fireworks in their very own neighborhoods and run a high risk of inadvertent destruction.

Safe and Sane Fireworks are designed to be a safe option even when set off in residential areas. It is still recommended that users find an open field or lot to allow plenty of room for the fireworks to unravel, but they will not cause the same level of damage if misused.

Brand Name Fireworks from the Fireworks Lady

Fireworks Lady & Co. has been in business for years, servicing South Florida and all of their recreational needs. There is nowhere else in the area where you can find the same quality of fireworks products at such a competitive price.

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