Unleash Your Inner Street Picasso with Our Amazing Smoke Confetti for Artists

Smoke Confetti

Are you a fan of recreational fireworks and explosive party favors? This world has expanded far beyond what anyone thought was possible just a decade ago. The Fireworks Lady & Co. is a testament to that incredible change, as we now offer an extensive line of sparklers, air blasters, shell packs, confetti sticks, smoke bombs, and much more! If you are eager to unleash your inner street Picasso with our creative resources, Smoke Confetti may be just what you’re searching for.

Our inventory consists of many different, high-quality products that fall within the “Smoke Confetti category. Which route you go really depends upon the occasion you are celebrating (if any, as these fun products can be enjoyed for no reason at all!) and the effect you would like to create. Our confetti poppers are small cases that are jam-packed with string confetti of many different colors. Simply pull the attached string and point the end towards the sky to watch the confetti come to life. Our smoke bombs and cannons also come in an array of colors, but their display is much different. When set off, these products will create an alluring trail of chalky smoke that can fill an outdoor area with amazing hues.

At the Fireworks Lady & Co., we carry confetti poppers for every occasion imaginable! Our Wedding Confetti poppers are the perfect addition to your elegant wedding day festivities. A case of these fun party favors can help guests celebrate your special day by setting off small poppers. Each product is hand-sized and appropriately shaped like a tiny champagne bottle. Best used to either greet or send off the happy couple, the metallic, silver flecks create a stunning shower of shimmery goodness.

Confetti Poppers

Our classic party poppers are our most popular option, honing in on the traditional take of the product. These flecks are multi-colored and pack a serious punch for such a tiny package. This product is a great accessory to any celebratory event, including birthday parties, anniversaries, graduations, going away parties, national holidays, and any gathering with family and friends.

If you are searching for an option that lasts a bit longer and gives you the ability to play with many different hues, our smoke cannons are the ideal product for you. Smoke cannons have grown significantly in popularity during the last few years. You have likely come across them at concerts, outdoor festivals, special events, and exciting parties. Now, you can try out these cannons for yourself!

Available in pink, purple, red, blue, yellow, green, orange, and neon shades, these smoke cannons are sure to amp up any moment. We also carry smoke balls and grenades that provide an added layer of excitement to an already spectacular display. Are you planning an upcoming photo shoot? Many photographers love to incorporate these colorful smoke products into a shoot to create stunning visual effects and set a unique atmosphere. This product really is as versatile as it gets.

Color Smoke Cannon

Our team at the Fireworks Lady & Co. has just what you need to bring your creativity to life and make your next special event that much more memorable. For stunning, brand name fireworks at incredible prices, call the Fireworks Lady & Co. today at (754) 422-2861 or click here to contact us online!

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