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There are currently tons of fireworks available to buy on the consumer market. Knowing Where to Purchase Fireworks and who to trust for great quality fireworks can be tricky. At the Fireworks Lady, we carry some of the best brand name fireworks on the market. In order to better understand some of these products, we have gone into depth on some of the most popular brands.  

If quality is what you seek, the fireworks world has three major players. Black Cat Fireworks, In China, “black cats” is a symbol of “luck and good fortune”, this fact being the basis for Black Cat Fireworks tag line of “The Best that you can Get”. The Brand was introduced in the US in the 1940′s by Li & Fung, one of the largest and most respected Trading Companies in China, became a Registered Trademark in 1952 and is now the oldest and most highly recognized fireworks brand in the country!

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Continued focus on Quality and Innovation has made Black Cat an International Brand, with a presence in markets all around the world. The most popular types of Black Cat fireworks include ground items such as fountains and spinners, aerial items such as mortar shells and roman candles, noisemakers such as firecrackers and novelty items. Showtime Fireworks are guaranteed to out blast the competition because all their products are triple-tested for safety and no-dud performance.

Showtime Fireworks are designed in the U.S. with custom blends of colors, effects, and trails, unlike anything you’ve seen before. Brothers own and contracts with more than 60 firework factories and operate two warehousing centers. They are renowned for high-quality, safety, and good performance. They constantly develop numerous new items each year, bringing them to market as Brothers brand, exclusives, and private labels. Quality is of great importance to Brothers; safety is of paramount importance. Brothers have established a system of quality control that ensures both.

Fireworks Lady & Co. is a proud distributor of the popular brands listed above. They offer a large array of product selection and competitive prices. They are known for their superior customer service and great selections. Whether you are having a party, large event or just want to purchase fireworks for fun, they are happy to inspire the best batch of fireworks for you.

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