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Winda Firework Products Miami

Winda Firework Products began building their reputation within the fireworks industry in 1995. The success of Winda Fireworks brand is attributed to the efficient dedication and innovation to provide a wide variety of consumer fireworks. With five domestic factories mass-producing fireworks products and working relationships with over one hundred factories in China, Winda has grown into one of the leading fireworks brands today!

While all of our fireworks are sure to Wow an audience and provide a good time, our Winda Firework Products have their own unique charm. Providing some of the best and safest products on the firework market, Winda Fireworks will bring the whole family together. No matter what each person’s preferences are, our Winda Firework Products line has what you’re looking for. Whether you prefer a gigantic array of colors or loud, fast bursts, we have many options for you to choose from.

Our Winda Firework Products Miami products include:

  • Make America Great Again – A panoramic display with a firing of red/blue dahlias. The perfect presentation for the 4th of July!
  • Cray Cray – Produces color tails of deep ruby, emerald, orange, and purple dahlias with ultra white strobing! A finale of grand brocade crown to time rain chrys colored dahlias!
  • Secret Garden – Big things come in small packages. Small but powerful cones provide a preeminent performance of up to 12 feet. Crackling bursts of purple-red pearls, silver explosions with red lemon pearls, silk explosions with blue-purple pearls, and gold silk chrysanthemum with green pearls!
  • Swamp Gator 20’s – Shoots rows of shining mines breaking into gold palm trees that fade into a crackling pistil. A brand new firework experience!
  • Skadoosh 12’s – Massive gold tiger tails with breaks of gold palm and green strobes. Eye-popping tiger tail displays!
  • Rounders 25’s – Enjoy color tails with astonishing breaks of brocade crown into blue or purple strobing color pistils.
  • Madame Butterfly – These fireworks could definitely achieve what they’re named after. With an amazing display of enormous butterflies created from pyrotechnics and a finale of novel lace effects, everyone will be able to enjoy the show.

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