You said what?! Legal Fireworks in Florida Now!

Wait… Fireworks Are Legal in Florida for 2020!?

For quite a long time, Floridians wanting to purchase fireworks had to sign an affidavit stating their purpose for buying the products. 

This requirement presented somewhat of a legal loophole allowing legal fireworks in Florida incorporating everything from sparklers and spinners, to larger products like firecrackers and aerials.

The firework regulations outlined that you can legally purchase fireworks; however, utilizing them was not allowed by Florida state law except for scaring away birds. So this meant that anyone could purchase and utilize pyrotechnic devices to scare animals away from a farm after signing a waiver. 

Nevertheless, new legislation recently passed allowing legal fireworks in Florida on the Fourth of July, New Year’s Eve, and New Year’s Day 2020. Read on to learn more!

Light up the Florida Night Sky Legally This Year!

It has been 79 years since the last time Florida law legally allowed individuals to shoot off fireworks. Nonetheless, some bizarre legal restrictions didn’t stop locals and visitors alike from firing off bottle rockets, firecrackers, and beautiful aerials.

Recently, Governor Ron DeSantis changed the laws, signing off on a bill to allow legal fireworks in Florida for certain 2020 holidays, including Independence Day, New Year’s Eve, and New Year’s Day.

However, despite this new legislation making fireworks legal in Florida on these occasions, consumers will probably still be required to sign an affidavit when making any purchase with a fireworks dealer like the Fireworks Lady & Co.

The Perfect Time for Your Own Fireworks Display

As of this content post (May 2020), large gatherings like public fireworks displays for Independence Day are up in the air due to the Coronavirus/COVID-19 pandemic. 

Floridians, and individuals all around the world are still practicing social distancing and limiting large events, therefore there has never been a better time to host smaller celebrations with legal fireworks in Florida than now.

Fireworks Lady & Co. is here to help! As the preeminent firework supplier in South Florida, we are committed to helping you put on the best possible fireworks display that you can. With our product selections, we guarantee reliability and dependability in products you can count on manufactured and imported directly from the best factories in China.

Now you can also host a firework display with legal fireworks in Florida, even with the COVID-19 lockdown in effect. The good news is that you can still follow along with Phase 1 and Phase 2 lockdown regulations and recommendations by hosting your own meaningful and memorable display with smaller groups than the large public events.

Information on Legal Fireworks in Florida from the Fireworks Lady & Co.

Right now, public display operations remain scaled back. This order could remain a temporary or permanent change with the current uncertainty in the world concerning seemingly any public event or gathering.

For this reason, our dedicated team from the Fireworks Lady & Co. wants to help our community host their events regardless if this means a small group of family and friends, or smaller neighborhoods getting together to celebrate firework-oriented events.

Sometimes the show must simply go on. For this reason, you can contact our team today to learn more about legal fireworks in Florida, organizing a home display,  and how the Fireworks Lady & Co can help you!

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